Cinematic Quality

Every single one of our videos is made using industry standard techniques in the film industy to make sure that your video is created to the highest standard possible.


Pre-production is done before we start shooting. It’s when we do all the planning, scripting and storyboarding. Depending on your needs, it may also include casting talent, location scouting and licensing of music. Good pre-pro leads to a great video. We’ll keep you involved every step of the way, to make sure the finished video is in line with your vision.


Actual production is all about lights-camera-action. Using the storyboard as a guide we get all the shots we’ll need for your video, capturing the raw footage digitally. We check things every step of the way to make sure we are getting the best quality.


Post-production is where everything comes together. We edit and colour-correct the footage, and layer in any special FX – this could as complex as a fully rendered space scene, or as simple as some animated text. We’ll add any voice-over and sound effects, and the music, to really bring the whole thing to life.