Who We Are

DrakonFX is a Hampshire based video marketing and video production company. We build upon your vision and have streamlined our workflow to give you the highest quality finish, in the shortest amount of time. We partner with you throughout our proven process to help fully achieve your business goals, and create a memorable experience with your target audience.

Our Process

Discovery & Initial Concepts

We start with a ‘discovery session’, where we discover who you are, what your goals are and how we can help. Initial concepts are so important, and they can take many different forms. We want to hear your ideas; we want to be able to present you different concepts that portray your vision fully before we move on to the planning of the project.

Detailed Planning

A detailed plan is key to a good project. In these early stages, ideas can grow and be shaped into something amazing. We will use our initial concepts to plan out, in detail, the full project. This will include scripts, storyboards, mood boards etc. And the best part? You are in charge. We value your input, and want your vision to really come to life.

Full Production

Production is where it all starts to come together. We use our detailed plan to go on set and make your awesome video. We will use our creative skills to start to sculpt your vision into a reality.

Cinematic Post Production

One of the final stages is the cinematic editing process. This is where your project is fully brought together for everyone to see. We will take our footage from production and finish sculpting your unique vision. We will use our detailed plan and follow exactly how you want the project to look.

Review & Delivery

At this stage, we will do an in-depth review of your project with you, and making sure you are 100% satisfied with the final project. We then deliver all the content we worked out in the detailed planning.